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MAARER Welcome
« on: April 16, 2020, 05:47:02 am »
Welcome to the MAARER forum, for independent people concerned with the maritime archaeological investigation, management and interpretation of the world’s maritime heritage.
Archaeology is the study of thousands of years of human behaviour which, compared to other arts and humanities, is as valuable as music, art, literature and history.
Maritime Archaeological Archive Repository and Educational Resource's (MAARER) mission statement is to support the international maritime archaeological community, especially in the regions where projects have no easy outlet for publication. A large of amount of information and knowledge from  internationally important shipwrecks remains unpublished and therefore unavailable.
MAARER offers a repository for the archiving and storage of archaeological information that can be shared and retrieved through our website. Our aim is to build a large wealth of archaeological information that is fully accessible to everyone from primary school level through to those studying for a PhD, as well as the general public.
It is easy to foresee the educational importance of this proposition.

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